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Nikki Beden

Unleashed Facilitator | @nikki.beden

Nikki Beden is a speaker and a life & mindset coach who teaches women how to harness the power of their subconscious minds in order to confidently and intentionally create a life they love. 

In her early 20’s, Nikki lost her little sister to cancer and a year later was left temporarily paralyzed from a brain aneurysm. Her heart and body healed over time, and the understanding of how precious life is took root deep in her soul. 

After a decade of working in a hedge fund and then having 2 babies within 23 months, she felt stuck, unsatisfied, and was yearning for MORE. She realized that she had lost the most valuable thing in her life: the connection to herself. And because of her life experiences, she knew she couldn’t stay stuck there for too long. So, she embarked on a multi-year journey to find it.

She studied in a Buddhist monastery, visited medicine men in the Amazon jungle, and took ayahuasca with shamans in Peru, but found that it’s the small, daily actions that keep her present and connected with her truth that finally led her back to the fulfillment and authentic joy she had been searching for.

Now, she shows other women how to invite happiness and fulfillment into their daily lives so that they wake up each morning feeling passionate and excited about life again because their souls are on fire about what their future holds. 

(And fortunately, it does not require long-distance travel or mind-altering substances to get there!)

Nikki Beden
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